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Our Mission:

We want to provide fun, relaxed and lively karaoke hosting to the GTA and Hamilton areas.
We believe humans are genetically wired to want to sing, and everyone has talent within them. Before the advent of radio, television and internet, people would gather in parlours and living rooms to sing and play music together. This is just the modern version, and everyone can join in!

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What do we offer?

  • Huge & Updated Songbook

    Over 70 000 songs, everything from current pop/rock hits to 1940's big band jazz. If it hit top 40 in the last 70 years, we should have it!

  • Digital Request System

    Powered by, you can browse the extensive songbook and send requests right from your mobile device without ever leaving your seat.

  • Pro Sound System

    We have portable sound systems for any size venue, from small house parties to large halls, bars and other event spaces.


How do I request a song?

Log in to and type in the DJ code "VEECEE" (this is case sensitive). Choose your venue, then you can browse the catalog. When you see one you want to sing, click the "sing" button to send the request to your host!

Do I have to be a good singer?

No! Everyone's got talent within, and this is supposed to be fun. If you're worried you can't do it on your own, choose a song most people in the room will know. They'll back you up, I promise!

What are your rates?

Rates will vary based on the equipment needed, the distance traveled, and the length of time requested of the host. A bar with its own sound system will pay significantly less than one which requires a PA to be brought in. Email for more details.